Upcoming Workshop - Cob & Adobe


Introduction in to Cob and Adobe Construction
5 Days: 7, 14, 21, 28 April & 5 May
Location: Guaro, Gnu Fram

In this 5-day workshop we are going to build a Tiny house at Gnu Farm. This practical hands on workshop will help you start your own project with the support of an experienced eco builder. You will learn the theory of Cob and Adobe, and put it in to practice. You will work together with like-minded people in the middle of nature. The outcome will be completion of your personal targets on your chosen project.

What you will learn and do in this workshop:

• Learn the possibilities

• Learn about the materials

• Test and adjust your soil

• Make and evaluate your own design

• Make Adobe bricks

• Builds with Cob and Adobe

• One day Expert consultancy from an eco builder

Workshop for you

Do you want to learn more about Eco Building and maybe want to build your own House? You can take part in a workshop. Learn the basic eco building technics and put them in to practice. 

BIOJAN gives workshops Eco Building, Natural Plaster & Paint and Earthen Floor.

Do you want to organise a workshop?