Straw Bale House


• Stone
• Earthbag
• Pole frame
• Concrete 


• Nebraska Style: Load bearing straw bale wall 
• Wooden frame


• Green roof
• Tile roof
• Cane roof


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Benefits of a Straw bale House

1. It’s warm
On a freezing-cold day, you can stay warm and toasty in your straw-bale home. The average straw bale has a high R-value (a measure of insulation), and this increases according to the thickness of the bale. Compared to conventional building materials, it provides the highest insulation value, but also a thick wall.

2. It’s cool
A straw-bale house doesn’t just look cool. On a hot day, it can stay very cool, too.

3. It saves energy
This makes a straw-bale house a sustainable option and can save money on energy use. The straw can be only partially credited though. Other factors play a part, including the use of passive solar design, thermal mass, double glazing and solar power.

4. It’s a natural material
Another major appeal of straw bales is that they’re not manufactured in a factory. Being a natural material, straw doesn’t contain toxic products and, even once rendered, is more breathable than other building materials.

5. It has low embodied energy
The level of embodied energy depends on where you get your straw bales and how they are produced. This means there is energy involved in getting the bales to the site, but the energy is low in comparison to conventional bricks. The straw you use also may be an agricultural waste product, making it even more sustainable.

6. It can feel great
Aside from the major practical advantages straw-bale houses, owners often report how wonderful their houses feel — there’s an ambience that isn’t always offered by conventional houses.

7. It looks great
As well as feeling cozy, a straw-bale house can look very different from a house built of more conventional materials. Straw-bale construction lends itself to creative design.
While we think of straw-bale houses as looking quirky or rustic, you can have as little or as much of this look as you want. The rendering can be rough and natural or extremely even and smooth. It depends on the look you’re after and how much time you want to spend on it.

8. You can choose your color
The final color is flexible too. Though many straw-bale houses are a natural creamy or earthy color, you can choose to add pigments to you render and create different natural colors.

9. It can have beautiful deep windows
Deep window recesses can be built into a straw-bale house, helping give it a distinctive look.

10. It’s quiet
The insulation properties of a straw-bale house make it noticeably quiet, especially if combined with other insulation, such as double glazing.

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