Lime Plaster


1. Wall prepartion
2. Binder coat (optional)
3. Base coat (optional)
4. Netting (optional)
5. Top coat
6. Natural Paint (optional)


• Exterior and interior walls
• Most building substrates
• Historic buildings
• Areas of high humidity
• Passive house
• Breathable render


Lime Plasters normaly have a slidely lighter colors then the sand they are mixed with. They can be painted with lime based paints.

Contact me for the possibilities. 


from € 30,- per m2

Healthy Finishes, Plasters and Paints

Lime mortar gives the possibility of a white, spacious and brighting mediterranean housing style.

Lime mortar is a material used since centuries in Andalucía. One of the qualities of lime is that is vapour permeable and allow buildings to breathe. This reduces the risk of trapped moisture and consequent damage to the building fabric and to the human health.

Can be used in exteriors but also in interiors rooms and is a perfect material in high humidity conditions.


Tadelakt is a waterproof plaster surface used in Moroccan architecture to make baths, sinks, water vessels, interior and exterior walls, ceilings, roofs, and even floors. It is made from lime plaster, which is rammed, polished, and treated with soap to make it waterproof and water-repellant. Tadelakt is labour-intensive to install, but durable. Since it is applied as a paste, tadelakt has a soft, undulating character, it can form curves, and it is seamless. Pigment can be added to give it any colour, but deep red is traditional. It may have a shiny or matte finish.

BIOJAN does not hav experience with Tadelakt but i work together with Friends that do. Contact me if you want to know more.

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