Earthen Floor


1. Floor prepartion
2. Base coat
3. Plain coat
4. Barnishing
5. Oil coat
6. Natural Paint (optional)
7. Wax (optional)


• Living room
• Bedroom
• Yoga
• Meditation
• Passive house
• Termal mass


Earthen Floors are available in a wide range of natural colors.

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from € 55,- per m2

Wow! It’s beautiful! What is it?

“There is something foreign and strange about an earthen floor, yet something familiar and comforting. For people who are used to concrete, tile, hardwood or carpet, taking a (barefoot) step onto an earthen floor is a refreshing change.”

“It is always a thrill to introduce someone new to the sensual pleasure of standing barefoot on a finished earthen floor because, people “get it” viscerally straight from their soles to their souls.”

What is an Earthen Floor?

An Earthen Floor is made of sand, clay and some sort of fiber (usually chopped straw). The Earthen Floor is poured wet, and finished with oil, which gives a hard and waterproof finish. The oil coat can be pigmented to match the colors of your home. You can mop an Earth Floor once the oil is sealed.
A final layer of wax can be added to make the Earthen Floor more durable and beautifully shiny. Weathers well with over time if it is cared for properly
Low maintenance, can either be swept or mopped

Why an Earthen Floor?

Look and Feel
The unique look and subtle aesthetics accompanying earthen floors make it a conversational piece in any home or office.
Attractive look and comfortable thanks to a slightly spongy surface, sometimes compared to the feel of leather.

Thermal benefits
The Earthen Floor acts as a thermal battery in your house, keeping your room cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
An Earthen Floor integrates well with radiant heat systems.

Minimal environmental impact
Minimal to zero pollution – The processing is simple and the earthen materials require little or no transport.

Important to note!
The high traffic areas such as entries and workspaces may require additional materials for protection such as flagstones.

Can I have an Earthen Floor in my home?

Yes, an Earthen Floor can be installed successfully over nearly any subflooring.

Installation and drying times

Installing an Earthen Floor takes two to four weeks. Poring the floor should be done in one day. Burnishing, oiling, waxing and buffing the wax take one day each as well. The bulk of the time, then, is for drying. Drying a wet floor usually takes a week; once oil is applied it needs a week to cure.

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