Earth Plaster


1. Wall prepartion
2. Binder coat (optional)
3. Base coat
4. Plain coat
5. Top coat
6. Natural Paint (optional)


• Interior walls and ceilings
• Most building substrates
• Historic buildings
• Areas of high humidity
• Passive house
• Insulative and breathable render


Earth Plasters are available in a wide range of natural colors.

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from € 40,- per m2

What is Earthen Plaster?

Earthen plasters are made from a blend of unfired clay and sands. Natural additives like, horse manure, wheat flour paste, vegetable oil and/or milk proteins can be added to make the plaster more durable, improve water resistance and prevent dusting.
Earth is versatile and adaptable, it’s been used for thousands of years throughout the world and it’s the best choice for creating living environments that are life-enhancing to live in, kind to the environment, healthy for you and for the building fabric itself.

Why choose Earth Plaster?

Look and Feel

Houses with earth plaster are uniquely beautiful and inspiring to life with. The different earth tones of the plaster have a subtle beauty about them. As soon as you enter the room the natural energy of the earth plaster relaxes your senses. Earth is softer than gypsum or cement and so gives a more cozy feel to the room. 

Earthen plasters can be colored with natural paint and patterns or sculptures can be integrated into the walls surface to create unique living spaces with a personal touch.


Healthy Building Fabric and Healthy Living

Moisture created by you, your kitchen, your bathroom – where is it going? Water controls the life or the demise of building fabric. Earth plaster can absorb and desorb indoor humidity faster than any other building material. Wall moulds and areas of damp are minimized by the hygroscopic properties of earth plaster.


Earth plaster reduces health risks of:

  • Airborne infectious bacteria and viruses
  • Mould growth, that adds natural irritants such as spores
  • Insects, like dust mites whose excrement is a potent allergen
  • Building materials off gassing toxins, such as formaldehyde

Earth plaster will reduce the operating time of a dehumidifier, or make it unnecessary.

Minimal environmental impact

Earth and clay are two of the most abundant raw materials in the world. Earth plaster is; 100% bio-degradable, 100% recyclable and 100% reusable.

Can I have Earth Plaster in my home?

Yes, an Earthen plaster can be successfully applied onto a wide range of wall surfaces.

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