Benefits of Eco Houses

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"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you."

Frank Lloyd Wright

Natural Materials

Stone – Straw – Lime – Earth – Wood

"We shape our buildings. Thereafter they shape us."

Winston Churchill

S u s t a i n a b l e

walls and foundations

Bio Construction offers the possibility of housing using natural and solid materials.

Natural rock gives a solid ambient and it’s a very good material for main walls and foundations which provides a durable and secure building life.

Stone can maintain hygrothermal conditions of ambient temperature and humidity.


Walls and roofs
Straw bales are an excellent material to built because of its many advantages over conventional building materials. It’s a natural material with a high thermal and acoustic insulation value and works as a natural fire retardant.

The atmosphere and ambient created with natural material are warm and comfortable, providing stimulating and relaxing spaces.

Straw bale walls provide wide, well illuminated and charming interior spaces.

H e a l t h y

Finishes, plasters and paints
Lime mortar gives the possibility of a white, spacious and brighting mediterranean housing style.

Lime mortar is a material used since centuries in Andalucía. One of the qualities of lime is that it is vapor permeable and allows buildings to breathe. This reduces the risk of trapped moisture and consequent damage to the building fabric and to the human health.

Can be used in exteriors but also in interior rooms and is a perfect material in high humidity conditions.

S e n s u a l

walls, floors and plasters
Earth has the ability to absorb moisture from the air and warmth for the sun, creating a healthy living atmosphere.

Earth reflex daylight in a natural way. Creating different experiences during the day and the seasons, relaxing and stimulating the senses.

It’s a very malleable natural material on which different shades of sand can be added in order to chromatically enrich the rooms.

U n i q u e

shapes and spaces
Wood is a renewable and sustainable building resource that is produced by nature. Pound for pound it’s as strong as steel.

Round wood gives a natural look and feel to a building. Straight beams are a beautiful option for modern building design.

Wood gives a building character, it can be strong and ruff or soft and light, depending on the type of wood and the finish you like.

Thanks to Lena, Miguel and Adolfo

"Nature is not a place to visit. It is home."

Gary Snyder


• Eco Houses and Natural Plasters are free from environmental toxins. 

In our increasingly sealed homes indoor air quality is important, and there’s a growing body of evidence that the chemicals we surround ourselves with can cause harm in relatively low concentrations. 

• Natural building materials typically have a low embodied energy. 

It takes little energy to mine, process, and transport them. They may be locally available, contributing to local economies and reducing their ecological impact.


• Eco Houses help regulate temperature and humidity in homes.

Improving comfort and reducing the need for air conditioning and heating.

Natural plasters have greater flexibility and vapour permeability than most synthetic materials.

They tend to protect the materials they are bonded to from moisture damage. They are essential as a coating for many forms of natural building, and can be beneficial for many forms of conventional construction.

Social responsibility

• Eco Houses are beautiful.

There is evidence that human happiness is linked with our connections to the natural world, and Eco Houses and Natural Plasters likely contribute to human well-being by introducing natural products, forms and textures into homes.

• Eco Houses connect us to our heritage.

They have a track record going back thousands of years. We know that they work.

√  100% natural

√  Nontoxic

√  Recyclable

√  Zero VOC emissions

√  100% Compostable

√  Humidity regulator

√  Absort odours

√  UV resistant

√  Mold resistant

√  Absorb toxins

√  Easily repaired

√  Acoustic absorber

√  Durable

√  Breathable

√  Low Embodied carbon

√  Low embodied energy

√  Passive regulator