Adobe & Cob Houses


• Stone
• Earthbag
• Concrete 


• Adobe brick
• Cob
• Superadobe
• Rammed Earth


• Green roof
• Tile roof
• Superadobe
• Mexican vault
• Cane roof


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Benefits of Adobe and Cob Houses

They are the most sustainable form of building there is.

The materials for your cob walls are usually excavated from your foundation trench and on-site. This means there is no manufacture or transportation of materials. Many so called ‘eco homes’ claim to be green because they are cheap to run once built but the materials used to create them, usually have a massive carbon footprint. In contrast cob is genuinely as ‘eco’ as you can get as it has almost zero embodied energy. Since cob is made of the earth it is also entirely recyclable and non-polluting.

They are affordable

Your cob walls cost you nothing! As long as you have some land to build on, anyone can afford to build cob walls. Selfbuilders can build homes for as little as € 300,- per kubic meter.

They require little heating

When build occording to the passiv solar principles Adobe and Cob Houses require little heating. You can use Adobe and Cob on the south facing walls to make the most of its excellent thermal mass, and straw bales on the north walls.

They are beautiful.
When you create a cob house you literally sculpt it. Adobe and Cob allow you to easily create curves, and carve shelves and features into your walls. Of course Adobe and Cob Houses don’t have to be curvy though, they can be made with straight walls and right angles for a modern look.

They are durable.

The oldest adobe house still standing is 10,000 years old. Adobe and Cob are strong, durable. Adobe and Cob Houses should stand forever as long as their roof is maintained and the property is looked after properly.

They are breathable and healthy to live in.

There is no damp in a Adobe and Cob Houses.

Upcoming Workshop - Cob & Adobe


Introduction in to Cob and Adobe Construction
5 Days: 7, 14, 21, 28 April & 5 May
Location: Guaro, Gnu Fram

In this 5-day workshop we are going to build a Tiny house at Gnu Farm. This practical hands on workshop will help you start your own project with the support of an experienced eco builder. You will learn the theory of Cob and Adobe, and put it in to practice. You will work together with like-minded people in the middle of nature. The outcome will be completion of your personal targets on your chosen project.

What you will learn and do in this workshop:

• Learn the possibilities

• Learn about the materials

• Test and adjust your soil

• Make and evaluate your own design

• Make Adobe bricks

• Builds with Cob and Adobe

• One day Expert consultancy from an eco builder

Organise a workshop introduction in to Cob & Adobe Construction