About Jan Botterhuis

I’ve been working with earth, lime, straw, wood and stone for 5 years. I was a volunteer for 4 years and worked on various eco construction projects throughout Andalusia. See my portfolio and blog.

Since 2017 i’m working as a professional eco builder. This year 2018 i will focus more on doing Earth Plaster and Earthen Floors, because they can be applied in conventional houses. It gives me great pleasure to transform an unnatural environment and make it more natural, comfortable and beautiful.

I build modern straw bale and adobe houses to the highest standerd. Together with other eco builders and architects, i can make your eco-house-dream come true.

My dream is to devolop and build together with my friends, a resort for healthy ageing in Yunquera. Where we will demonstrate to the fullest, the functionality and beauty of the various eco building technics.

I’m also interested in working alongside DIY builders and give workshops on-side. Feel free to contact me, i’m happy to talk to you about your eco building project.